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What is laminate & wood?
Laminate flooring is a synthetic floor covering that has been designed to look like wood flooring or sometimes stone flooring.  The surface layer can sometimes have a built in scratch guard for added protection. The different grade of laminates have different thickness, also some have a smooth feel, while better quality laminates have a embossed feel and some even have a registered embossed feel ( This is where you feel the couture and not's of the design on the laminate)
Wood or engineered wood
If your looking for that natural feel for your floor then look no further than wood.
Engineered wood Each board consists of three or four layers of wood, glued together at right angles to create a plank. It has a real-wood veneer on top, which means it can be sanded back and treated to restore the original finish if it becomes scuffed, worn or damaged. Engineered wood is more stable then solid wood and can be laid as a floating floor.
Solid wood Each board is made from a single piece of wood, It is usually fitted using tongue-and-groove. All types of wood have a hardness score, which indicates how easily they can be damaged, dented or worn by everyday wear and tear. Solid wood flooring can be sanded back to restore the finish – the number of times is determined by how deep the tongue is set from the top of the board. Solid wood needs to be full stuck down to a smooth sub floor.

At NC&F we have a large range of  Laminate and Wood Flooring  on display

We have displayed just a  few of our ranges on our website for you to see and give you some ideas of what is available.

We can supply and fit all laminate and wood F flooring  you require, we can also advise on or fix issues that you may have with your sub-floor.

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